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Smalls the way they SHOULD be... WITHOUT the trash!  Check out these HIGH END smalls! The difference with ours?  We manicure most of the whack stuff out so you get some great POTENT pretty much ready to go flower... plus, we always hook it up heavy! AWESOME deals for those looking to save a few dollars, and get something that is just as good as the more expensive stuff... you won't find any of those neglected palm tree and bonzai plant looking smalls, you know the lil nuggz hanging off of a 3 inch stick like you get with some of the competition lol!  Just a SUPER SWEET DEAL if you're on a budget, know alotta mooches, or maybe you just looooove to share lol!  Well, here is something you can afford to spread the love with! Thanks to all pre orders... We appreciate you!  Enjoy!

All Flower

We only use Premium high quality indoor flower, none of that outdoor stuff, bargain smalls, or poorly grown dry stuff. Fresh from farm to us to you! We only sell you flower that we ourselves consume. We like flower with a high terpene profile, high cannabinoid%, high THCA %, etc. Terpenes, volatile sulfurates, minor cannabinoids... they all mean something... it's not just about the high THCA% (which we also proudly boast)! With our 100% satisfaction garauntee... you have NOTHING to loose! The proof is in the pudding they say... so go ahead... PICK YOUR PUDDING OUT TODAY!!!

Top Rated THCA Products

Embark on a journey into the future of hemp with Gator Nuggz. THCA introduces an exciting avenue for exploring the potential of hemp-derived goods, and we take pride in presenting a wide array of products to cater to diverse preferences.

Our offerings encompass THCA wraps, hemp wraps, and top-tier THCA hemp flower, which is available in bulk quantities. Rest assured, our THCA hemp flower adheres to the standards set by the US Farm Bill and is meticulously cultivated to guarantee the utmost quality in every product we offer.


What is THCA?

Let's chat about Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCA for short – it's a superstar non-psychoactive cannabinoid, and the precursor to THC formation.   It's a natural substance found in cannabis plants. But here's the kicker: it's not the same as THC... THCA is the chill, non-psychoactive precursor to THC.  It just so happens that when it is introduced to heat or decarboxylated, that it ends up giving you the exact affects you would expect to experience with THC.  Think of it like THCA is a chicken eggs shell, the shell is the acidic or "A" part of the egg right... until that shell is gone, and the baby is out... NOBODY considers it a chicken (THC) yet...  Get it?  So, THCA is the precursor to THC being formed, but it doesn't test ABOVE the federal guidelines to be considered marijuana, and therefore it is classified as just hemp. Science has discovered HUNDREDS of compounds and still finding more since the early marijuana laws were established, and it has opened up a world full of possibilities which are now finally starting to be accepted by the worlds scientific and governmental entities.  


Indoor vs Outdoor THCA

Let's chat about the fascinating differences between hemp grown outdoors and hemp cultivated indoors. It's like comparing two unique personalities!


Outdoor-grown hemp tends to have a rugged, weathered appearance, and it's a bit darker in color. That's because it braves the elements – rain, pests, sunlight, wind, moonlight, and temperature fluctuations. So, expect a darker complexion, lighter feel, and buds that are more loosely packed. The aroma is down-to-earth, reflecting its natural upbringing – think woodland, grass, hints of pepper, and a touch of pine.

On the flip side, indoor-grown hemp rocks a brighter, almost vibrant green hue, often sporting eye-catching colors like orange, purple, and red. The buds are tightly packed and loaded with trichromes, those tiny resin glands that contain the good stuff. The scent is like a luxurious bouquet, offering notes of lavender, zesty citrus, sweet vanilla, and maybe even a hint of coffee. It's like the indoor plants are pampered with their own special spa day.


Shop THCA Flower

Get ready to shop the absolute best THCA flower strains around! We've got a fantastic selection of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, all sourced from top-notch local growers.

Explore our amazing collection of top-shelf, indoor THCA flower strains! Our THCA flowers are pampered in a cutting-edge indoor facility, hand-trimmed with care, and slow-cured to keep that freshness and potency at its peak. And guess what? We stand by our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Shop THCA cones

ATTENTION: Due to Texas law, we are not allowed to market products for smoking.  These are "Novelty Incense Cones"!  Stare at it, rub it on your forehead, use it as a paperweight, or just use it as instructed, but these are NOT intended for smoking... as per law requirements!

 Instructions: Light the fat end and wave around until room achieves the desired aroma level!  Having said that, these are 100% all natural, tested, and SAFE!  I myself have accidentally inhaled some, and so far, the only side effects have been... Great night's sleep, pain relief, anxiety relief, better attitude, a severe snack shortage, and an unquenchable thirst! lol

Explore our premium collection of indoor-grown THCA cones, cultivated and made with the customers' needs in mind. Each THCA flower cone is made with hand ground PREMIUM flower, the same flower we sell you, (none of that dry, sprayed on, trim or shake stuff most our comp uses), so you can get that UNRIVALED freshness and potency experience. And here's the thrilling part – we're so confident in the quality of our products that we stand behind them with an ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we don't like it, or if we wouldn't spend our hard-earned money on it. we won't sell it to you!  Your happiness is our utmost priority!

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